Private label

Custom-made perfume label

Throughout the life of our business, we have been making every effort to ensure that our solutions meet the tastes of as many customers as possible. For this purpose, we are constantly supplementing our offer with new items. We observe global trends in the industry, and we create innovative solutions that will surely appeal to all lovers of beautiful fragrances. MAYbe Cosmetics produces unique custom-made perfumes under the customer’s own brand (private label perfume). Thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we are able to take up the greatest challenges, while guaranteeing excellent product quality.

The private label department offers assistance at every stage of implementation:

  • concept - if you don’t have an idea for your own fragrance, our creative team will surely help you choose the right fragrance notes,
  • graphic design - our experienced graphic designers will create a logo or motif in line with the latest trends in the industry,
  • production - as a long-term manufacturer, we have extensive experience in designing specific fragrances,
  • packing - we will offer various examples of packaging, matching the ordered perfumes,
  • cosmetic safety report - for each product, there is necessary information proving that the highest standards are maintained during production and that the ingredients of the product are harmless,
  • notification of a cosmetic on the CPNP - a portal that ensures that the product is fully safe for the user’s body and health.

A private perfume label is an excellent idea for those who want to distinguish their company from other companies. A properly selected bottle, graphic design, original fragrance and private label may become a perfect advertisement of the company. Bearing in mind the diverse tastes of our customers, we approach each order individually, creating the highest quality product, meeting the expectations of the customer.

Should you have any questions or doubts, we are pleased to provide professional advice and reliable answers.

All inquiries regarding the creation of your own brand should be directed to the following e-mail address: or Beata@maybecosmetics.comor by calling: +48 660 740 180.

MAYbe Cosmetics is a thriving cosmetic company with over 20 years of experience. Our key product range includes perfumes as well as toilet and fragrance waters. We also produce cosmetics under our customer’s own label.


MAYbe Cosmetics
Karmelowa 11, 71-218 Bezrzecze, Poland
Phone: +48 660 740 180 oraz +48 696 542 690

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