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A balanced combination of beauty, strength, magic and sensitivity. Blackness is the essence of femininity. A perfume for modern women, liberated, with passion, who like to have fun, who are self-confident and feminine. By lending yourself their gentle touch, you will feel a deep and mysterious fragrance that will take you to the world of real emotions. Blackness will let you discover a new self!

When you open the bottle, you will feel a little intriguing, sharp note of pear, pink pepper and orange blossom. A heart note that can be felt later is an unusual combination of adrenaline-giving coffee with subtle, romantic jasmine. The base and background of the fragrance is created by sweet, sensual and warming vanilla and cedar, as well as relaxing patchouli (considered an aphrodisiac). The combination of unique fragrance notes provides a unique effect and creates an aura of mystery. At the same time, the smell is extremely durable.

As a perfume maker, we assure you that Blackness will enchant you with sensuality and will be perfect as a fragrance for the evening and special occasions. Oriental composition will surely be loved by energetic, determined, mysterious and self-confident women. The composition is enclosed in a classic, elegant flacon in black.

  • Head notes: pear, orange blossom, pink pepper
  • Heart note: jasmine, coffee
  • Base note: vanilla, patchouli, cedar

MAYbe Cosmetics is a thriving cosmetic company with over 20 years of experience. Our key product range includes perfumes as well as toilet and fragrance waters. We also produce cosmetics under our customer’s own label.


MAYbe Cosmetics
Karmelowa 11, 71-218 Bezrzecze, Poland
Phone: +48 660 740 180 oraz +48 696 542 690

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